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A5329-01 三重県 度会郡玉城町 国際秘宝館周辺
       Tamaki Town, Mie Prefecture 

× 国際秘宝館と裏の竹やぶ パイパーPA-30 JA5191
  c/n30-1401  N8272Y 5N-APW G-AWOG
1971/08/05 JA登録 日本フライイングサービス 定置場八尾空港
1972/04/20 定置場名古屋空港
1972/08/09 宮古島で事故
1972/10/03 抹消登録 
2004現在 写真のとおり
2007 国際秘宝館 廃館

撮影2004/02/10  にがうり

 イギリスのデビッド マッカートニイさんから照会

(要約) このパイパーPA-30 JA5191は、 G-AWOGとしてウィリアム王子が所有していたもので、英国にとっては由緒ある航空機なので、上の写真以降の状態について知らせてほしい。

Greetings from the United Kingdom !

My name is David McCartney, I am visiting Japan in May 2009, please may I thank you for publishing an excellent Japanese aviation history web page.

Please find attached an image of Twin Comanche JA5191 which was photographed at the Ise city International Hiroshi Hall in 2004.

I understand that this treasure hall (please see attached image) was sadly destroyed in August 2007.

Please do you know if JA5191 was moved to another location, or destroyed when the treasure hall was demolished.

Any information on the present location of JA5191 would be most gratefully accepted.

Kind regards
David McCartney, Marston, Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Good morning to all Japanese aviation historians.

I forgot to inform you that Twin comanche JA5191 was once owned by HRH Prince William Of Gloucester, who was a member of the British royal family !

Please find attached a photograph of JA5191 when Prince William operated the aircraft as G-AWOG in the United Kingdom.

G-AWOG/JA5181 has royal connections, and is a very important aircraft to the people of the United Kingdom !

Kindest regards
David McCartney


× モ-ランソルニエMS880B ラリクラブ JA3239 


1965/04/16 JA登録 日本飛行連盟 定置場竜ヶ崎飛行場
1965/07/31 日本飛行連盟 定置場調布飛行場
1969/02/20 日本リース 定置場調布飛行場
1971/12/18 抹消登録 
2004現在 写真のとおり

撮影2004/02/10  にがうり